Active many years in the field of orthodox kosher supervision, Rabbi David I. Sheinkopf specializes in the use of different types of gelatin and carmine and extracts of kitniyyot in Passover foods (prepared before the festival), in strict accordance with orthodox Jewish dietary laws.

Rabbi Sheinkopf's works, Gelatin in Jewish Law (Bloch 1982) and Issues in Jewish Dietary Laws (Ktav 1988) provide comprehensive and authoritative halakhic conclusions based on the responsa of Jewry's preeminent rabbinic scholars. These works have been revised in Expositions in Jewish Dietary Laws (Ktav 2010), which includes a new study on the use of carmine as a kosher food coloring.

Rabbi Sheinkopf was ordained at Mesivta Rabbi Chaim Berlin and holds a Ph.D. in Judaic studies from Yeshiva University.